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Michelle Bommarito is fantastic! She’s extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and so much fun! She has endless energy, incredible passion, and a great laugh!

If you want to learn how to cook better and more healthy while learning the tricks that only the best chefs know, find a way to meet with Chef Michelle.

– Ed Wizner

Just to mention a couple things that I now love and use always are Michelle’s salad dressing recipes. They are so simple to make, delicious & healthy. And I had never before thought to put salt & pepper on a salad, but the Himalayan pink salt and the cracked pepper really enhance the flavor of the salad. Thank you Michelle!

– Carol Downes

I have learned so much by attending Chef Michelle’s “Lunch and Learn” classes at our office! I have been able to incorporate many of her recipes into our daily meals. Everything is delicious and it provides us the opportunity to sample healthy foods we wouldn’t otherwise have exposure to. I can honestly say my family eats healthier because of the techniques I have learned from Chef Michelle!

– Jennifer Hovey, Ramco-Gershenson, Inc.

Michelle energy is vibrant and enthusiastic every time I see her. She makes the entire experience entertaining yet educational all while she engages us with questions and feedback. I think Michelle is a great educator; sharing her culinary expertise while developing new exciting and healthy options for us to try each month.

– Daniel Federspiel, Ramco-Gershenson, Inc.

I’m relatively new with Ramco-Gershenson and one of the best experiences I have thus far is the Lunch & Learn sessions lead by Michelle Bommarito. Michelle brings some really cool and amazing healthy recipes and shows us how to prepare them in such a way that even I feel like I can make them…which in and of itself is quite amazing as I lack culinary talent of any kind!
The best part of my month is when we get to hear & see Michelle create these great – healthy – dishes and then we get to TASTE TEST THEM!!

– Sandy Williamson, Ramco-Gershenson Inc.

Michelle understands food! She taught me how it fuels my body and how to make healthy equal delicious! She is a great coach – motivating and inspiring me to set goals and take little steps to get there!

– Beth Grant, One-on-one Nutritional Coaching Client