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  • It is quite amazing to watch Michelle as she shares information, answers questions, all while she whips up delicious food to enjoy.
  • Speaking in front of a large audience is something that comes naturally to Michelle. She is animated, vivacious, dynamic and really holds the audience attention with her Italian gesticulations.
  • One-on-one Training is the real way to truly focus and learn. The personal attention and enthusiasm that Michelle provides will ignite your willingness to succeed.
  • Many factors, come into play when it comes to Diseases, yet with the right food choices the body can be strengthened.
  • What a great way to enjoy your staff and colleagues. Michelle orchestrates an evening full of learning, fun, delicious food and above all increased “camaradie”.
  • Voted Class Clown Class of 1985… Her Comic relief ensures that everyone has a good time at your event.
  • After boldly stepping out of the Bake Shoppe in 2009, Michelle still desires to share information regarding Wedding Cakes and loves to share her artistic talent.