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Private Intensive Wedding Cake Design Instruction

After no longer creating Wedding Cakes on a daily basis, Michelle felt the need to share her talent and inspire others to become “Wedding Cake Designers”. So she designed a course full of detailed instruction that touches on all aspects of the Wedding Cake business.

The class is typically a 2 week intense study, yet can be altered to the client’s schedule.

Course details are as follows:

  • Marketing
  • How to take wedding cake orders/forms
  • Preparation of proper documentation
  • Final cake design/sketching
  • How to organize Bake shoppe for production
  • How to prepare wedding cakes
  • Covering of Wedding Cake
  • Sugar Artwork
    • Flowers
    • Leaves
    • Drapery
  • Creative
    • Royal Icing Piping
    • Borders
    • Use of Fondant appliqués
    • Three-dimensional Bows
    • Sugar Flowers
  • Coloring techniques/Painting
  • Discussion of temperature
  • Structural support
  • Delivery of tiered cake
  • Dialogue with venue of expectations
  • Cake stand usage and rental fees
  • Transportation of Cakes
  • Assembly of Tiered Wedding Cake at venue
  • Use of Fresh Flowers
  • Competitive Pricing