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Eating Well Culinary Demonstrations for K-12 and College Students

“The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.”
– John Ruskin
English critic, essayist, & reformer (1819 – 1900)

One of the greatest honors for Michelle was being asked to be part of “The best of the best” Food Network Challenges, known as the “The Last Cake Standing”. It was meant to highlight 6 Top Cake Designers in the Country, yet with television there is always a twist. Instead it was a “cut throat” competition…When Michelle’s fellow chefs voted her off the show in 2009, she completely crumbled. The task was to create a cake representing herself, but her black-and-silver cake, with an Italian phrase about seeing the “silver lining” in everything, struck her peers as sad and not reflecting her effervescent personality. With much humiliation and tears in her eyes on National Television, Michelle was sent home…however, she did insist that “something good will come from this”.

For months, Michelle wished she would have created a cake representing her “Class Clown” side… yet as it was meant to be, someone actually did LOVE the black cake and the message it represented.

Chip St. Clair, The founder of the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation, which utilizes the power of creative arts, literature, and overall well-being programs to impact the lives of children facing adversity was brought to tears by Michelle’s cake. He called her up and asked her if she would speak at his foundation’s event, to Emcee Charity events and to spearhead the Nutrition Program.

Michelle now takes her message of staying positive and eating well Nationwide, from schools to shelters to sold-out seminars, Michelle shares her expertise on how to prepare quick, nutrient-rich meals that will not “break the pocketbook”, she encourages all to have a positive mindset and an overall sense of well-being for mind, body, and spirit.

Children will have an unique opportunity to watch Michelle provide Culinary Instruction as well as an education on the nutritional health benefits of maintaining a balanced diet. Her fast pace style keeps attention and she provides a fun way of learning the “Art of Eating Well”.

Upcoming Classes and Demonstration Appearances

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